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Improve Your Pool for Additional Comfort.

"Last fall they resurfaced our pool in Eco Finish with the Marakesh color and it is so beautiful in the summer sun. It was fun to watch the process too and everyone was so friendly. Wish we would have done this years ago!"

Shane Rachel via Facebook

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Pool Renovations

Pools, just like many other aspects of a home, receive modern updates nearly every year. We can help you add new elements to your pool that will improve its look and functionality. Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to modify your pool with ease. Our services include updating pool surfaces like decking and tiles, adding pool equipment & features, chlorine to saltwater conversions, energy efficiency improvements, and complete pool renovations.

Pool Accessory Installations


Keep your pool at a comfortable temperature even well into the fall with a quality heating system.

Pool Pumps

We can upgrade your old pool pump to a variable speed pump that can save you thousands of dollars a year on energy use. They are not only more efficient, but they are also quieter, and more durable!

Spa Blowers

Want to have relaxing, bubbling jets in your pool? Install a spa blower system for incredible massage jet functionality.


Keep everyone safe in your pool by installing attractive and functional handrails at crucial places in your pool.

Lighting Systems

LED light systems can make your pool look better than ever before. Whether you want simple and elegant white lighting or color-changing lights to create a party environment, we can install a reliable system for you.

Wi-Fi Functionality

Manage your pool from anywhere with a smart pool upgrade. As long as you have your smartphone and Wi-Fi, you will be able to adjust your pool's settings.

New lighting addition for a pool  in Flower Mound, TX.

Take Your Pool to the Next Level!

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